imageIn two weeks I am quitting the only “adult” job I’ve ever had, condensing all my belongings into two suitcases, and moving myself and my two cats from Dallas, TX to Hawaii to join my new husband and embark on a new adventure of marriage, Army wifedom, online grad school, and who knows WTF else! Eeeek!

First, a little background. I met my husband Bill at his sister’s (and my best friend) Jess’ wedding five years ago at the end of 2011. I felt a connection, but to say the timing was off is an understatement (I was very newly separated from my first husband and Bill was about to be stationed in Korea). We added each other on Facebook and left it at that. I couldn’t quite get him off my mind though (and it didn’t help that Jess kept telling me we were perfect for each other like ALL THE TIME). In April of 2013, out of the blue, he sent me a message over Facebook to the extent of “hey how’s life treating you,” and we just never stopped talking since. We’d spend hours everyday chatting on Facebook, then hours of Skyping every weekend. He eventually got stationed in Hawaii, and we started making plans to see each other IRL. 

In December 2014, after a year and a half of getting to know each other, he came to Dallas to visit. It was magical! We spent an amazing Christmas and New Year together and decided that this was it and we really wanted to figure out how to be together. I went to see him in HI over Valentines Day that year, though that was slightly less magical given that we passed around a stomach bug the whole time. However, I had just been accepted to a Masters of Public Health program and had three more years at my current job in order to get vested. Between my school and career commitments and his Army commitments, we figured we’d wait it out until 2017 when he’d be done with the Army and we’d settle in DFW.

Then June 2015 happened. He was planning to come to town for my 30th birthday, but at the last minute his leave was denied. I. Fell. OUT! I was SO UPSET and SO DISAPPOINTED it was ridiculous! I logically knew it wasn’t his fault, and I knew that until he was on that plane this scenario was always likely (yay Army life…), but IT’S MY BIRTHDAY DAMMIT!!! *insert pouting and crocodile tears* I was throwing my little tantrum at work shortly after, when one of my good friends suggested the following:

“Why don’t you just quit and move to Hawaii?”

Now, she’d suggested this before, and usually my rational voice responded with some form of: “WHAT? Are you KIDDING ME?! I’m about to get vested, I just got accepted to grad school, I can’t JUST GO! That’s insane!”

However, that particular day I was exhausted, sad, and missing my man. My rational brain was nowhere to be found.


Then I calmed the fuck down and figured out some key things: 1) I can’t quit today. I still have to pay rent and eat. Good lord. 2) I could defer my grad school until 2016 and then take part of my program online and 3) I could quit, leave my retirement alone, then come back and finish the remaining time. So I told Bill I was ready when he was.

Two weeks later he showed up on my doorstep completely unannounced and surprised the living hell out of me! (Seriously, I thought he was a home invader and almost grabbed a knife. Good times!) He proposed over the Fourth of July weekend at the Wizard Academy outside Austin, TX (it’s not Hogwarts. We were disappointed. We’re nerds. In December of 2015 we tied the knot at the home of some dear friends of ours. We put the plan in motion, and now it’s time for me to finally make the big move!

Right now I’m just trying to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving. Two weeks ago I was a mess of anxiety because HOLY SHIT!! I’m selling all my belongings that I’ve worked for YEARS to acquire. I’m saying goodbye to friends that I’ve had for years for what feels like THE LAST TIME EVER!! (Thank God for Skype!) The last couple weeks however have been all positive excitement. After three years of a long-distance friendship-turned-relationship-turned-marriage, I FINALLY GET TO LIVE WITH MY HUSBAND!!!  FOREVER AND EVER*!!!! WOOHOO!!!!

So yeah. As the David Bowie song goes, turn and face the strange ch-ch-ch-changes. Stay tuned!

* Or at least until the Army sends him to do Army things. Hopefully that won’t be for quite a while but you never know.

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks!!

  1. Little!!!

    I loved reading this so much. Dude, change is scary as fuck, but I’m so proud of you for following your own path.

    Im excited to see what adventures lie ahead for you.

    Aka your Big from what seems like a million years ago

    Liked by 1 person

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